Joseph Inos to announce running mate on Feb. 15

(NMI Democrats) — Members of the Central Executive Committee of the Democratic Party of the Northern Marianas Inc. have been inundated with telephone calls from on and off-island regarding the selection of the candidate for lt. governor who will run with former Rota Mayor and Sen. Joseph “Joe” S. Inos in this year’s November general elections.

“We fully understand the general public’s interest on this matter and the importance of selecting a person whose qualifications and personal traits are worthy of the public trust. It is because we truly value the honor of the people’s trust that our vetting process took those concerns very seriously and incorporated them into our profiling process,” Daniel O. Quitugua, chairman of the party, said.

The Central Executive Committee has completed its due diligence in reviewing all the potential candidates and has transmitted its recommendation to the party’s candidate for governor, former Mayor and Sen. Joseph “Joe” S. Inos for his exclusive decision.

He has personally informed the chairman of the party of his decision and choice for his running mate.

According to Quitugua, Inos is sensitively aware of the public’s demand for an individual whose passion and commitment to public service is exemplary.

Quitugua said Inos has found someone who embodies that quality, and that person is committed to serving the people of the commonwealth when called upon to do so.

On Feb. 15, 2018, Inos will publicly announce his choice for lt. governor.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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