John Piteg Teregeyo arrested for attempted murder

John Piteg Teregeyo was arrested and charged with attempted murder on Friday for dousing gasoline on his girlfriend, choking her and setting her bedroom on fire.

Assistant Attorney General Teri Tenorio asked the court on Monday to impose a $100,000 cash bail on the defendant. Judge Kenneth Govendo agreed and asked the defendant if he was employed. The 23-year-old Teregeyo said he is unemployed. The court appointed the Public Defender’s Office to represent the defendant. Assistant Public Defender Cindy Nesbit appeared for Teregeyo.

Police said they responded to a domestic violence call on Oct. 20, Friday, at about 7:50 a.m. When they arrived in the residence of the couple, they saw piles of burned clothes scattered in the living room. The floor was wet, police added.

Police also found burned clothes in the bedroom. The bed, a pillow, the closet and walls were also burned.

The victim told police that she and Teregeyo had an argument. When she told Teregeyo that she would leave him, he pushed and choked her.

She said Teregeyo shoved a shirt into her mouth when she started to yell for help.

She also told police that Teregeyo took a container of gasoline and spilled its contents all over the entrance of the bedroom and on her body.

She said he then set a piece of paper on fire and dropped it on the floor, causing the fire to spread throughout the room.

When she got the chance to flee, the victim ran to her sister in-law’s house and locked its door because she was scared for her life.

According to the police, a witness testified that the victim’s red t-shirt was soaked in gasoline.

In a statement to the police, Teregeyo admitted to pushing the victim on her chest several times, trying to stop her from leaving the room.

He said his girlfriend was screaming so he put one of her blouse into her mouth.

He also admitted to pouring gasoline on his girlfriend’s clothes, their bed, closet and on the victim herself.

The defendant said he lighted a piece of sketch paper from the kitchen stove, and as he was returning back to the bedroom, his girlfriend held onto his legs to prevent him entering their bedroom.

Teregeyo said he flicked off the lighted sketch paper toward the bedroom door.

Besides attempted first degree murder, Teregeyo was also charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, arson, criminal mischief and disturbing the peace.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 30 at 1:30 p.m. while his arraignment was set for Nov. 6 at 9 a.m.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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