Jiang Hong Seng sued for battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress

YE Fang is suing Jiang Hong Seng in Superior Court for threatening to make him disappear, biting his hand, and hitting him in the head with a chair.

Fang, through attorney Charity R. Hodson, has accused Sheng of battery, assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Fang is also asking the court for a temporary restraining order against Sheng.

According to the complaint, Fang lent Sheng $7,150 for a real estate investment three months ago.

Fang and Sheng did not specify when the loan would be due in full, but as of June 2017, the remaining balance was $4,750.

Fang rented an apartment from Sheng in San Antonio. Fang’s rent had been paid up to July 2017.

The lawsuit stated that on June 6, 2017, Sheng messaged Fang that he was going to come over to Fang’s house to pay back the remaining balance.

But the two got into an argument at Fang’s house because Sheng said he would not pay off the loan balance unless Fang moved out of the building.

Fang disagreed with Sheng’s proposal. Sheng became angry and yelled at Fang.

The lawsuit states that Sheng told Fang that he did not know the laws on Saipan, and that if Fang kept pushing Sheng to pay back the money, he would make him disappear.

According to the lawsuit, Sheng also noted that Fang has two children; that there are no security cameras on Saipan; and Sheng could throw Fang into the ocean.

During this verbal altercation, Fang’s wife and three-month old baby were present and became frightened, the lawsuit stated.

When Fang told Sheng to go outside the home so his family would not be frightened, Sheng suddenly reached out and grabbed Fang’s hand and bit it, the lawsuit states.

It added that Sheng grabbed a folding chair and hit Fang over the head about 10 times. Sheng also punched Fang, the lawsuit states.

Fang then went to the door and told Sheng to leave. But Sheng grabbed a kitchen knife and held it against Fang, the lawsuit states.

“Fang’s child began crying. Fang’s neighbor and his wife heard the noise and entered Fang’s residence.

“The neighbor then demanded that Sheng put down the knife. During the struggle, Fang was able to get Sheng in a chokehold. Sheng eventually dropped the knife.”

Fang then “secured Sheng with a telephone wire, while asking his neighbor to call the police.”

Fang’s wife took several photos during this incident.

Sheng continued to threaten Fang while waiting for the police to arrive, the lawsuit states, adding that Sheng said he would sell his car and go back to China.

Sheng also said that before leaving Saipan he would do something to Fang, the lawsuit states.

Police arrived and secured Sheng while an ambulance brought Fang to the Commonwealth Health Center where he was treated and incurred $900 in fees for treatment. Fang paid $200 more for a follow-up treatment.

The complaint states that on June 7, after Sheng was released from police custody, he messaged Fang” “I’m back.”

That same day, Fang saw that Sheng had advertised on a Chinese website that his car on Saipan was for sale.

When Sheng showed up outside Fang’s residence on July 7, Fang became alarmed and called the police. But Sheng ran away before the police arrived.

Sheng showed up again at Fang’s residence the following day, but it was Fang’s friend who answered the door because Fang was not there.

According to the lawsuit, Sheng told Fang’s friend that he was a plumber and was there to make repairs. Fang’s friend let him in.

After Sheng called the police, Fang’s friend called Fang to inform him that Sheng and the police were at the house.

Fang went to his house and found Sheng who told Fang that he was late with his rent so he was kicking him out.

But Sheng’s sublease to the apartment is subject to a superior lease with ZN (Saipan) Corp. whose authorized representative is Andrei Zhukovski.

The lawsuit states that ZN Corp. has terminated its sublease with Sheng and has agreed to sublease directly to Fang.

Hodson said Fang currently holds the lease to his apartment with ZN Corp effective July 1, 2017 to July 1, 2018.

Zhukovski himself told Sheng to leave while Fang called the police detective investigating the criminal-assault-with-a-deadly-weapon case against Sheng.

After the detective informed police officers of the ongoing investigation, they instructed Sheng to leave the premises.

Fang noticed later that day that Sheng was hanging around the area. Fang also discovered a notice from Sheng posted on his door stating that Fang was late with his rent and must pay rent, utility charges and late fees on or before July 15, 2017 — or Fang would be evicted.

In his lawsuit, Fang is asking the court to order Sheng not to contact, molest, attack, threaten or disturb his peace or that of his his wife and minor children.

Fang is also asking the local court to order Sheng to stay at least 200 yards away from his place of residence.

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