IPI’s H2-B workers to arrive in March

THE first group of the 1,542 construction workers hired by Imperial Pacific International to complete its casino-hotel project in Garapan will arrive in mid-March, according to Eric Poon, IPI’s assistant vice president for construction.

He told the Commonwealth Casino Commission on Thursday that the workers were hired in the Philippines and Taiwan by IPI and have H-2B visas.

IPI is mandated by its license agreement to complete the Garapan project by August this year.

Because of workforce issues, the project’s completion was delayed, but IPI has entered into an agreement with a new contractor, Pacific Rim of Guam.

CCC Executive Director Edward Deleon Guerrero on Thursday asked IPI to complete the construction of 329 rooms by August. Otherwise, he added, IPI will be in violation of its license agreement.

IPI said it will double the shifts to ensure the construction work is completed as quickly as possible. It said that as of Feb. 20, 2018, the project was 64 percent complete.

Poon said right now they have 216 workers assigned to the project and with the arrival of over 1,000 more in March, he is confident that there will be significant progress in the next few months.

He said it has been three weeks since they signed a contract with Pacific Rim and they have done a lot of work since then.

Commissioner Joseph Reyes advised IPI to exercise caution and ensure that no accidents occur at the site.

“You read the article in Bloomberg,” he added; “let’s prove them wrong.”

IPI was also advised by the commission to monitor its employees and make sure all the construction workers are legal.

Poon said they have staff monitoring and inspecting the job site every day to make sure, among other things, that employees are wearing ID’s all the time.

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