IPI to pay back-wages of 37 construction workers

AFTER months of waiting, the 37 remaining construction workers of MCC, Beilida and Gold Mantis will finally get their back-wages.

Imperial Pacific International offered to pay the workers, who were employed by its contractors and subcontractors, and buy their plane tickets to China.

Variety learned that MCC and Beilida officials have left the island so IPI decided to pay the workers.

Song Zhaopeng, one of the workers, said they have accepted IPI’s offer because they wanted to go home after being stranded here for over five months.

He said IPI representatives and Department of Labor employees came to their apartment in Garapan on Tuesday morning to inform them about IPI’s offer.

Song said his employer, MCC, owes him four months of back-wages, but added that he doesn’t know yet how much is he going to receive from IPI.

He said they will meet again with IPI and DOL representatives, today, Wednesday, at 8 a.m., to discuss their rates and back-wages.

He said he is entitled to receive over $3,000 in back-wages.

Some of his co-workers are owed two, five or seven months in unpaid wages, he added.

There were originally over 200 workers employed by various contractors of IPI such as MCC, Beilida and Gold Mantis who staged protests over their unpaid wages. Those who have been paid and have since returned to China.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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