Investor to modify design of proposed Tanapag hotel

AMERICAN Sinopan, which is proposing to build Saipan Garden Resort in Tanapag, will modify the design of the $164-million project to comply with the Hilton’s franchise requirements.

American Sinopan executive officer Ken Lin said his company is finalizing its franchising agreement with the Hilton group of companies.

“We are now getting into the final details of the floor plan with the technical team of the Hilton group. Hilton Japan is overseeing Hilton hotels in Japan and Micronesia and they’ve been coming back and forth to Saipan,” Lin said.

There are minor amendments to their previous design, he added. “There will be no changes to the parking spaces and building height, but it is very important for the Hilton group to have a main lobby,” he said.

Lin said they will maintain the garden concept of their hotel project, and will incorporate the trees and plants at the site in the design.

At Thursday’s public hearing, the Zoning Board approved the amendments to the conditional use permit application of American Sinopan.

Zoning Administrator Therese Ogumoro said the applicant’s main two-story building will be the staff and office building.

The applicants will also develop more landscaping and garden improvement, she added.

The service apartment building and the generator facility will be relocated, Ogumoro said.

The number of service apartments will be increased from 175 units to 180 units while the number of staff housing units will be reduced from 200 units with 450 beds to 170 units with 475 beds.

Ogumoro said the number of hotel rooms will remain 1,184.

The project will be constructed on a 10-hectare private property across from Tanapag Middle School.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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