‘Investigate DPS corruption’

FORMER Department of Public Safety Deputy Commissioner Ambrosio Ogumoro is again urging the Office of the Attorney General to investigate DPS “corruption.”

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“When will Attorney General Edward Manibusan start investigating the complaints that I filed with his office?” Ogumoro said.

“It’s been six months, and up to now not even one investigator has come over to ask me anything. That is a big corruption issue. I want them to work on it.”

In May, Ogumoro filed a formal complaint with the AG’s office regarding “DPS corruption under the Fitial-Inos administrations.”

Ogumoro made specific allegations against former DPS Commissioner James Deleon Guerrero, former boating law administrator Kaye Inos and Melissa Bauleong of the Office of the Public Auditor.

Ogumoro accused Deleon Guerrero of, among other things, ordering the relocation of evidence without the acknowledgement of the AG’s office and of using 13 inmates to do the actual moving.

According to Ogumoro, some of the inmates admitted tampering with the evidence and stealing methamphetamine.

“The 13 inmates that moved the evidence — who authorized them? It is about drugs,” Ogumoro said. “I believe that is the reason they dismissed the drug case against [suspected] dealers.” He declined to elaborate.

Variety was unable to get a comment from the AG’s office.

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