Imperial Pacific announces new workforce rules

(Press Release) — Individuals unauthorized to work cannot enter the Garapan casino-resort construction site, according to Imperial Pacific International which said it wants to protect employment opportunities for legal workers.

This affirms the commitment of the Hong Kong-based investor to strictly enforce measures that comply with local and federal laws and promote fair and legal labor practices.

On May 1, 20017, the Imperial Pacific Security Department hired Island Protection Services to secure the Garapan construction site.

Security was previously handled by MCC International Saipan Ltd. Co., the main construction contractor.

Imperial Pacific and its new security company are now ensuring that all workers, including the security contractors themselves, are lawfully employed.

Imperial Pacific also conducts regular random security checks on its workers and security company to ensure compliance.

Workers, including contractors, entering the premises are required to show proper identification and comply with other security measures.

Regular bi-weekly meetings are also held as part of an ongoing review of operating procedures.

“As a law-abiding corporate entity, Imperial Pacific will continue to follow appropriate local and federal statutes that promote lawful employment,” Imperial Pacific said.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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