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The annual International Festival of Cultures concluded its monthlong run last Saturday with a parade and a fashion show that showcased the many different cultures that the island of Saipan boasts of.

Last Saturday was the last day of the International Festival of Cultures and, despite the threatening weather conditions, the Marianas Visitors Authority decided to push through with the parade any way.

Fortunately, the rain stopped by the time the different cultures started their march from the American Memorial Park to the Garapan Fishing Base that led to the grand fashion show.

Because of uncertainties due to the weather, many of the different communities were not able to represent their cultures. Present for the walk, though, were the Chamorro, Japanese, Bangladesh, and Filipino communities.

Once the parade made its way to the festival grounds, the fashion show commenced and showcased the different traditional cultural attires of each community.

The costumes showcased during the festival’s fashion show were almost all handmade by craftsmen from their respective cultures.

Over 11 different communities participated in the fashion show, which taught the festival’s audience about the varieties of authentic cultural wear on the islands.

The Chamorro community showcased their traditional grass skirts and loin wraps that are similar to the Carolinian community’s traditional wear. The community also showcased the most modern style of traditional wear, which were the traditional mistisa and khakis and polos.

The Federated States of Micronesia community showcased its colorful grass skirts, delicate body ornaments, and glorious headdresses.

The Hawaiian community showcased its traditional floral dresses and its body adornments.

The Palauan community showcased its traditional hot-bath attire that is worn by young women to symbolize womanhood.

The Bangladesh community showcased its saree that the women wear and the traditional kurta that men wear.

Many other communities like the Korean, Chinese, and Japanese communities also showcased their colorful traditional clothing of robes and dresses that are traditionally worn for special occasions.

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