‘Ice’ defendant released to his mother

ONE of four men arrested on the charge of conspiring to manufacture methamphetamine has been released to his mother, who serves as a third-party custodian.

Rick Urumelog Omar Jr., who was also indicted for distribution of methamphetamine where a child was present, was ordered released to his mother after a third-party custodian hearing on Monday at the District Court for the NMI presided over by Chief Judge Ramona V. Manglona.

At the hearing, Omar appeared with David Banes, his court-appointed counsel.

 U.S Probation Officer Greg Arriola presented to the court background information and recommendations regarding Omar and his third-party custodian.

 Garth Backe, assistant U.S. attorney, appeared for the federal government.

Judge Manglona approved Omar’s mother as third-party custodian, and ordered him to submit to location monitoring and home detention.

 Judge Manglona also issued a stay-away order against Omar’s girlfriend and her brother.

Backe, who opposed Omar’s release, submitted evidence at the hearing indicating that his girlfriend and girlfriend’s brother were among those who purchased cold medicines at a local pharmacy. The cold medicines are among the ingredients in manufacturing “ice.”

Banes initially proposed Omar’s girlfriend as third-party custodian.

Omar’s co-defendants are Vincent David Cabrera Jr., Eugene Blas Repeki Jr. and Sidney Capelle Kani.

Judge Manglona did not approve the release pending trial of Cabrera, Repeki and Kani to third-party custodians.

The four defendants have pleaded not guilty to the charges against them.

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