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HYATT Regency Saipan is sending its sous-chef to a regional competition to be hosted by Grand Hyatt Tokyo on Oct. 4.

Reiji Yoshizawa, 26, will represent Hyatt Regency Saipan in the semi-final round of the Good Taste Series for Japan and Micronesia.

Yoshizawa, who returned to Saipan two years ago from the Philippines where he attended college, earned the honor to represent Hyatt Regency Saipan by winning the hotel’s competition two months ago.

Launched in North America two years ago, the Good Taste Series is Hyatt’s annual competition that recognizes the creative talent in its kitchens. It was previously open to full-service Americas Hyatt kitchens, from their executive sous-chefs down to line cooks. Now, it is going global for the first time.

“I feel honored and blessed to represent Hyatt Regency Saipan in the regional competition. I also feel nervous but excited at the same time,” Yoshizawa said in an interview.

He said he gained more confidence after winning the local competition. But, he added, “there is still part of me where I feel nervous since I will be facing other international chefs.”

According to executive chef Thomas Angerer, the regional lead in the semi-final competition, there will be “a competitive atmosphere” in which sous-chefs from the Japan-Micronesia region will demonstrate their creativity and culinary talents.

The participants must concoct cold and hot dishes using the ingredients from the mystery box.

Yoshizawa said it takes passion to concoct a dish with superb flavors, and creativity to come up with the most palatable presentation.

“I focused on those things, and constant practice pays off as well. I studied well with a group, watched other chefs do their own thing and get the right inspiration to create something on my own,” said Yoshizawa who also likes to sketch since he was a child.

“People like me who are into arts tend to focus on making something beautiful,” he added.

He said he is grateful to the Hyatt Regency Saipan team, especially executive chef Gabrielle Colombo who encouraged and believed in him.

Colombo said he sees a bright future for Yoshizawa whom he described as “very talented.”

Colombo said he and the rest of the Hyatt Regency Saipan staff are thankful that Yoshizawa decided to return to his home island.

“We are lucky to have him here in Hyatt,” he added.

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