Humanities Council to launch DVD version of ‘iTinaotao Marianas’

THE Northern Marianas Humanities Council will launch Rlene Steffy’s DVD version of “iTinaotao Marianas,” a history of the peopling of the Marianas from 1521 through 1898.

Steffy, ethnographer and oral historian, will be on Saipan to present the concept, development and implementation of the history program at American Memorial Park on Oct. 24. She said the DVDs for seasons 1 and 2 will be on sale for a debut price on the same day only.

“iTinaotao Marianas” was first aired on KUAM TV 8 on Guam, every Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. The half-hour episodes were rebroadcast on Docomo’s TV 2, 7 and 11 and ran a total of four times a week, each month, for the past three years.

The film contains interviews with historians, archeologists and scholars who are knowledgeable in Marianas history, including David Atienza Frutos, PhD; Michael Lujan Bevacqua; Omaira Burnal-Perry, MA, JD; Jeremy Navarro Camacho Cepeda; Brandon Cruz; Lawrence J. Cunningham, EdD; Marjorie Osbourne Grathwohl Driver, MA, HLD; Anne Perez Hattori, PhD; Robert Hunter; Leonard Zahnen Iriarte; Manuel Lopez Casquete, PhD; Carlos Madrid Alvarez-Piñer, PhD; James Edwin Oelke Farley; Richard Olmo; Frank Quimby; Scott Russell; and Robert Underwood, EdD. They appeared in the program’s different episodes.

On Oct. 25 and 26, Steffy will conduct history workshops at Kagman High School and Marianas High School. She is inviting the public to attend the event and “learn about the process of collecting historical information using sound recordings of interviews with people who know of past events.”

Steffy said season 3 was completed last month, but the DVD will be available early next year.

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