HPO burglarized

THE Historic Preservation Office on Airport Road was burglarized over the weekend, according to Department of Community and Cultural Affairs Secretary Robert Hunter in a Facebook post.

The break-in was discovered by an HPO staffer who reported for work on Monday.

Hunter said the burglars stole several items and placed them on one of HPO’s vehicles which they also stole.

He said HPO’s 2008 White Nissan Frontier double cab pickup was later recovered at the old Koblerville runway with the car battery missing.

Stolen from HPO were the following items:

14” B/C 34.1 CC Chainsaw

Murray M43-X Brush Cutter BS866019 SKU

EXGE C344 Brush Cuttter Hybrid H4

XGE PB265LN Backpac Blower SU Lightweight

Nauticam Zoom Gear for Olympus 14-42 EZ Lens/Nau 36047

Nauticam Macro Port 29 (N85) for Olympus EZ/Panasonic PZ 14-42mm

According to Hunter, the burglars made their way through the office’s steel gating and then pried open a metal window.

“That a 2’ X 2’ metal window set nearly three feet into the concrete was pried out of the concrete in order to get in says a lot about the individuals who committed the burglary,” he added.

Inside, he said the burglars used a heavy object and a lot of force to knock off locked doorknobs, splitting the wooden doors in the process. They opened every locked drawer and file, destroying these in the process, he added.

HPO was equipped with bright halogen security lights outside the building, but within the steel-caged area, the thieves ripped all of the electrical wiring out of the lighting units to disable them, Hunter said.

He is requesting anyone who may have information about the incident or the stolen items to call 911, HPO at 664-2120 or his office at 664-2584.

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