House to deliberate on budget bill next week

THE House of Representatives will hold another session next week to discuss and act on the fiscal year 2018 budget bill proposed by its Committee on Ways and Means.

The House will have a session today but the Open Government Act has a 72-hour notice requirement.

Angel Demapan

Rep. Angel Demapan, the chair of Ways and Means, will officially introduce House Bill 20-105, the budget measure.

It has identified total projected revenue of $236,770,472 of which $91,510,397 is earmarked funds and includes $45 million for the settlement agreement. This leaves $145,260,075 available for government appropriations and $4,854,044 for the Department of Public Lands.

The FY 2018 budget includes $1 million for land claims and judgments. A similar amount was allocated last year for the same items.

The FY 2018 budget will likewise allocate $100,000 for Rota and Tinian inter-island medical referral patients’ lodging accommodations, and $250,000 for CNMI medical referral stipends for patients and escorts on medical referrals outside the commonwealth.

These funds will come from the $1,612,500 earmarked for the Cancer Fund Special Account.

Under the budget bill, the Department of Public Safety will get $6,483,547; Department of Corrections, $5,294,016; Department of Fire and Emergency Medicinal Services, $4,068,550; Department of Commerce, $1,652,356; Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, $2,932,576; Department of Finance, $5,431,899; Department of Labor $910,852; Department of Lands and Natural Resources, $3,467,805; Department of Public Works, $3,751,308; judicial branch $6,640,172; legislative branch $8,543,032; governor’s office, $1,185,940; lt. governor’s office, $920,632; Public School System, $35,997,700; and Board of Education, $467,394.

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