Homeowner sues contractor over iron window grills

A LOCAL resident has sued a company that installed iron window grills at his house, alleging breach of contract and violation of the Consumer Protection Act.

Donny Fejeran filed a complaint in Superior Court against Samuel Costales, doing business as JMC Ironworks.

Fejeran said after his house was burglarized, he contracted JMC to install a galvanized iron window at his house for approximately $5,000.

The scope of work included the fabrication of 14 window grills and their installation, Fejeran said, adding that he entered into the agreement in good faith and fully performed all of its conditions.

He said JMC Ironworks commenced work and completed it sometime in Feb. 2015.

After 4-5 months, he said he noticed that some of the grills were rusting, and he complained to JMC Ironworks about it.

Fejeran said JMC used substandard materials and not galvanized iron, adding that many of the grills became rusty within a few months.

Fejeran said he asked JMC Ironworks to replace the window grills, but it refused and continues to refuse to replace or take responsibility for the defective window grills.

Fejeran, through attorney David Banes, is demanding a jury trial. The plaintiff is also asking the court for an order for damages plus lawful interest, for attorney’s fees and cost of the lawsuit, and other relief deemed just and equitable.

Variety was unable to get a comment from JMC Ironworks.

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