Homeless senior citizen seeks gov’t assistance

A 64-year-old homeless man, who identified himself as a “Russian refugee,” is seeking housing assistance from the CNMI government.

Milan Fargo said he is currently a trainee at the Aging Office under the Title 5 employment program, but has been homeless for three months now.

He said he is not asking much —just a decent place where he can sleep and bathe.

He said he had been a victim of unjust treatment, adding that his former employer, “an American veteran,” had not paid him for his services for 10 months.

“I’ve been on the streets since July 5. I went to the Northern Marianas Housing Corp. and informed [them] about my situation. I applied for housing assistance but they don’t want to help me,” Fargo said in an interview.

He said he has been sleeping on different beaches. “No one on American land should be left homeless especially when one’s health problems are life-threatening,” he added.

“But they keep demanding that I submit more and more excessive information. I already submitted my medical records showing my health is worsening slowly. I informed them about the infection threats coming from flies attacking me on the beaches. I just want them to give me a chance to live decently. All I am asking is for them to grant me a voucher so I can afford to rent even a small place. I am begging, please help me, please give me a chance. I am appealing to the community, please help me, please support me, please help your refugee.”

Asked for comment, NMHC Corporate Director Jesse S. Palacios said in an email:

“We do sympathize with Mr. Fargo and other homeless individuals out there. If we have the funding to assist the homeless in providing them with shelter we would have done so. Aside from the funding problem, individuals seeking assistance from NMHC must meet federal requirements in terms of eligibility for such program(s).”

Source: Marianas Variety :

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