Hofschneider proposes casino gaming at airports

By Cherrie Anne E. Villahermosa [email protected] Variety News Staff WITH long waits at the Saipan International Airport and little economic activity on Rota and Tinian, Sen. Jude Hofschneider is proposing to allow casino gaming at all three airport terminals.

Hofschneider introduced a measure authorizing a licensed casino operator to provide casino gaming at Saipan, Tinian and Rota airports.
Senate Bill 20-94 seeks to amend 4 CMC Section 2122 to authorize the Commonwealth Ports Authority to enter into an agreement with a licensed operator for airport casino operations.
Hofschneider said gaming at airports should also be allowed to promote the gaming activities of Rota and Tinian and to generate revenues for CPA and CNMI government.
He added that the struggling economies of Rota and Tinian need a boost and by allowing licensed casino operators to operate at the airports could result in growth for both the operators and the local economies.
The Commonwealth Casino Commission, however, is not in support of the proposed bill, promising to submit a comment on the legislation soon.
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Hofschneider also introduced Senate Bill 20-96, which proposes to change the composition and terms of the casino commissioners and to increase the quorum requirement.
The bill proposes to expand the Casino Commission by adding two more members to the current five. With seven seats available under the bill, the mayors of Tinian and Rota would be able to appoint two members each, while Saipan will have three members.
The bill also proposes to reduce a commissioner’s term from six to four years.
The bill also proposes that quorum must be four, provided that at least one member from each senatorial district is present.
The bill added that the new four-year term will be applied to new appointments and renewal appointments to the commission.
It added that no member shall serve more than two terms.
Casino Commission Executive Director Edward Deleon Guerrero is opposed to the bill, saying the body is unfunded so it is not a good idea to add more members.
He said they will also submit a comment soon referring to this bill.

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