Hillbroom gets 60 days for escape

JUNIOR Larry Hillbroom, 33, pled guilty to a lesser included offense of escape in the second degree in the trial division of the Palau Supreme Court.

Attorney Mark Hanson said Hillbroom signed a plea deal with the Palau government and will be imprisoned for 60 days.

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Hanson is Hillbroom’s Saipan counsel in the legal malpractice lawsuit filed in the District Court for the NMI against his former counsels David J. Lujan and Barry Israel.

One of the four DNA-proven children of the late business tycoon and DHL co-founder Larry Lee Hillblom, Hillbroom was recaptured in Palau hours after he escaped from police custody on Feb. 9 2016 following his arrest for “ice” trafficking.

For the offense of escape in the second degree, Palau Associate Justice Lourdes Materne sentenced Hillbroom to 60 days in jail and five years of supervised probation.

He must also attend and complete an in-patient drug rehabilitation program, write a letter of apology, and pay a $2,000 fine and restitution in an amount to be determined by the probation office.

Hillbroom’s bail of $25,000 cash was exonerated by Justice Materne, and the defendant began serving his sentence on June 17, 2017 at 6 p.m.

On Thursday, responding to the notice of lodging in regards to Hillbroom, Barry Israel’s attorney, Theodre W. Frank, said whether or not Hillbroom is allowed to leave Palau to prosecute and participate in the civil action should be definitively determined by the District Court for the NMI before it orders the case to proceed, referring to the malpractice suit.

Frank noted that Hillbroom is not allowed to leave Palau under the terms of his five years of supervised release.

Frank added that Hillbroom pled guilty to the escape charge, but his trial in the drug trafficking case will proceed sometime after Oct. 16, 2017, when the final preparations, final settlement conference, and trial will be occurring in the civil action filed in the federal court on Saipan.

Frank said the parties and the court are in no better position now to determine how Hillbroom’s Palau criminal case will impede the civil suit.

He asked the court to provide guidance on how to proceed.

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