High court extends stay of sanction order against assistant AG

THE local Supreme Court has stayed the trial judge’s sanction order against Assistant Attorney General Elizabeth Weintraub for another 30 days.

Associate Justice Perry B. Inos on Tuesday extended the existing stay for good cause shown.

Judge Teresa Kim-Tenorio sanctioned Weintraub for her handling of a sexual abuse of a minor case involving a retired Army reservist.

In his latest order, Justice Inos ordered Weintraub to either present a status report to the Supreme Court within 48 hours of the trial court’s entry of its order regarding appellants’ pending motion to stay in Superior Court; or file a motion for stay in the high court if the trial court has not ruled on the pending motion by Nov. 1.

Justice Inos earlier stayed the sanction order for 14 days due to the possibility of irreparable harm to Weintraub.

He said the stay also allowed the government prosecutor to file a new motion for stay of the order with the trial court pursuant to NMI Supreme Court rule 8(a).

Judge Teresa Kim-Tenorio said the assistant AG violated model rules of professional conduct, citing her lack of diligence and dilatory tactics in the sexual abuse of a minor case.

The judge ordered Weintraub to donate $500 to a non-profit group of her choice that helps children who are victims of child abuse.

The assistant AG said she may have made a mistake in the sexual abuse of a minor case, but denied that she resorted to a delaying tactic.

She said her 10-year law career has allowed her to develop a “reputation of being a fair and honest” attorney.

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