Happy Poker sued by 4 cashiers

FOUR Happy Poker cashiers have sued their employer, Zeng’s American Corporation, and its principal, Jin Dong Zeng for not paying them the U.S. minimum wage rate and overtime in violation of the Fair and Labor Standards Act.

Katrina Del Gallego Demapan, Ma. Gina Tiozon, Mary Jane G. Muhi and Emelinda E. Sanchez are represented by attorney Mark B. Hanson. They filed the lawsuit in the District Court for the NMI.

The plaintiffs are asking the court to order Happy Poker to pay them the applicable minimum wage  for all the hours they have worked and the overtime hours in excess of 40 hours in each work

The plaintiffs also asked the court to order the defendants to pay them equally divided liquidated damages award,  attorney’s fees and costs of the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, Happy Poker failed to pay the plaintiffs the proper wage due them.

The complaint stated that each of them worked in excess of 40 hours each but was not paid overtime hours.

Hanson said Demapan worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week from Feb. 2014 through Feb. 2016 and was paid a monthly salary of $1,500.

Hanson said Muhi worked 12 hours per day, seven days a week, from Dec. 2014 to. Feb. 2016 and received a monthly salary of $1,500.

Sanchez worked 12 hours per day, seven days a week, and no days off from April 2015 through Feb. 2016 and received a monthly salary of $1,500, Hanson added.

Throughout her employment with Happy Poker, Tiozon worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week and was paid a monthly salary of $1,500.

On many occasions Hanson said, the defendants would deduct various amounts from the plaintiffs’ salary for cash register shortages.

The complaint also alleged that the Happy Poker owner required the cashiers to make large deposits to  him. 

Such deposits build the funds which the owner tap to make up for cash register shortages.

Hanson said the deductions and deposits required by the employer effectively decreased the cashiers’ minimum hourly wage and overtime premiums below the FLSA mandates.

As cashiers, he added, their duties included changing money, verifying and paying out winnings, cleaning the video poker establishment, monitoring the surveillance camera, and reporting to the owners and representatives, and on occasion to the Department of Public safety to report possible criminal activity at the premises.

Demapan,  Muhi and Sanchez are current employees of Happy Poker while Tiozon is a former employee, the lawsuit stated.

Variety was unable to get a comment from the defendants.

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