Guam speaker convenes ethics committee

TAMUNING, Guam (Press Release) — Amid recent media reports on possible violations of ethics and standards by certain members of the 34th Guam Legislature, Sen. Joe S. San Agustin asked that the speaker convene the Committee on Ethics and Standards. In response, Speaker Benjamin J.F. Cruz confirmed that the Committee on Ethics and Standards convened last week to appoint a chair.

“As a senator I am deeply troubled that these questionable matters are being publicly exposed in the media and now, we appear to be in a gridlock with our own standing rules — that the process to investigate these allegations cannot happen until a formal complaint has been made,” Senator San Agustin stated. “Elected officials should always be held to a higher standard and we owe it to ourselves and especially to the people to ensure observance of the Code of Ethics and Standards by all members and employees of the Guam Legislature.”

He added, “Whether it is an allegation or fact, reputable media outlets and government officials have placed their own names on the line for the sake of transparency. So, if the rest of the public is like me, I rely heavily on what these media reports tell me and right now I believe there is a need to investigate these allegations, and either condemn or exonerate those members in question. I have attached various media articles and editorials, to include a letter from Mike Duenas, director of [Guam Housing & Urban Renewal Authority ], and an interview from Saipan Rep. Ed Propst, both of which is concerning to me.”

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