Guam meteorologists conduct open house for NMI

CHIP Guard and Marcus Landon Aydlett of the Weather Forecast Office on Guam held an open house at the CNMI Homeland Security Emergency Management Office on Thursday for the National Weather Nation’s Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador Initiative.

Guard and Aydlett conferred recognition certificates to “ambassadors” of different local organizations such as Star Marianas Air Inc., Mariana Resort & Spa, Fiesta Resort & Spa, KSPN 2, Marianas Variety, Saipan Tribune, Ajisen Ramen, IHOP, Public School System, Herman’s Modern Bakery, Brilliance LLC, CNMI Homeland Security and Emergency Management Office, KKMP, Office of the Mayor of Saipan, CNMI judiciary, Wave and Water Park Safety Academy, Saipan World Resort, G4S Secure Solutions, CNMI NOAA Marine Fisheries, the Office of U.S. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Sablan, U.S. Coast Guard, Mount Carmel School, Saipan Pacific Winds Concert Band, Brabu Pharmacy, Hotel Association of the NMI, American Red Cross-NMI Chapter, and the 20th Legislature who was represented by Rep. Joseph Leepan Guerrero.

Weather-Ready Nation or WRN ambassadors are recognized by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration as organizations committed to collaborating with NOAA by sharing preparedness messages with the public, and serving as models of resilience and best practices.

According to Aydlett, the initiative allows people in the community to be directly involved in preparing for natural disasters.

He said “when all digital communication goes down like the telephone or internet during an emergency, we’ll use satellite communications and high frequency radio.”

To get the word out to the general public, Aydlett said the first point of contact is Homeland Security.

“They will go out village to village with bullhorns in their vehicles,” he added.

Aydlett said it is also important to stock up on essential supplies, including batteries and fuel.

Having cash on hand also helps, he said, noting that, “When digital communications go down, credit cards not going to work.”

In case of an earthquake, if you are inside your home, get under a sturdy table or other piece of furniture — do not immediately run outside to look for safer grounds, he said.

“When the shaking stops get out of your house because you don’t know if your house is still structurally sound or not.”

Aydlett advised against staying in low lying or coastal areas after an earthquake. “Get to higher ground,” he said, adding that a tsunami could follow.

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