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Saipan Baseball League coordinator Tony Rogolifoi said Guam is all set to host the second edition of the Micronesian Baseball Classic later this year.

Rogolifoi was in Guam for more than a week where he met with officials of the Guam Baseball Federation to assist them in organizing the regional tournament. Guam took over in hosting the MBC after Palau pulled out.

Palau was supposed to host the MBC in October this year, but withdrew since renovation of Asahi Field in Koror is not yet done, according to Belau Baseball Federation official Atley Kazuma.

GBF’s first order of business, after deciding to take over as MBC hosts, is to spruce up Paseo Stadium in Agana after the facility was used as one of the venues in last year’s Festival of the Pacific Arts.

“There won’t be any major renovation or fixing to be done at Paseo Stadium since the facility is still in good condition. The only thing that needs to be done is to improve the infield portion of the baseball field, Rogolifoi said.

The MBC is tentatively set from Nov. 10 to 12, depending on the number of competing teams. Kosrae State of the Federated States of Micronesia and Palau are the other squads expected to join aside from Guam and the CNMI.

The CNMI is the reigning MBC title-holders after beating their southern island neighbors in a thrilling 10-inning match, 15-14, in last year’s finals.

The CNMI has been one of the powerhouse baseball teams in the region as it would either secure a podium finish or contend for the title. The 2011 Pacific Games in New Caledonia is the Commonwealth’s latest gold medal conquest.

The CNMI was also baseball champs in the 2006 Micronesian Games held on Saipan after beating Guam, 3-2. They settled for consecutive silver medals in the 2010 and 2014 Micro Games hosted by Palau and Pohnpei, respectively.

SBL meetings
Rogolifoi also reminded interested teams to send their representatives in back-to-back organizational meetings today and tomorrow for the Under-25 and Masters leagues set later this year.

The U-25 meeting is set at 5:30pm at the conference room of the Gilbert C. Ada Gymnasium while the Masters will talk about their upcoming league tomorrow at the same time and venue.

Entry fees, uniforms, ground rules, equipment, and other related matters would be discussed in the meeting. Waiver forms will also be distributed in both meetings. The Masters Baseball League is also set to open in August.

For more information, contact league director Rogolifoi or secretary Marlena Castro at 234-6672.

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