GPPC sues CPA contactors over airport project

GPPC Inc., through its lawyer Mark B. Hanson, sued the contractors of the Commonwealth Ports Authority in connection with claims related to the Francisco C. Ada/Saipan International Airport rehabilitation project.

GPPC said CPA’s contractors contributed to the defects in the design of the airport runway project.

GPPC filed a third-party complaint against Hofschneider Engineering LLC and its principal owner, William Hofschneider, a professional engineer; E.M Chen & Associates (CNMI) Inc.; Aecom Technology, a Delaware registered corporation; Advanced Asphalt Technologies LLC, a Virginia-based company, and its principal owner Ramon Bonaquist.

In 2015, after hiring a private contractor to undertake an independent pavement survey, CPA decided the runway rehabilitation project should be redone by GPPC.

GPPC filed an appeal with the CPA board of directors. GPCC is disputing the validity of the conclusions that Hofschneider Engineering made about the work performed by GPPC; and Hofschneider Engineering’s recommendations to the CPA executive director.

The runway project is funded by the Federal Aviation Administration and involves the rehabilitation of the main runway and the narrowing of the runway width from 200 feet to 150 feet.

In its third-party lawsuit, GPPC is asking the Superior Court for an order finding the defendants liable for their share of responsibility for the injury and damages claimed by CPA.

Hanson said the defendants should indemnify GPPC.

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