Governor’s statement on federal government shutdown

(Press Release) — Gov. Ralph D.L.G. Torres issued the following statement on Sunday:

“I am genuinely concerned about the effects the shutdown of the federal government will have on the many federal employees all over the country and here in the CNMI. Many of our friends and family will be furloughed during this shutdown. These include our vital agencies such as BECQ, which works directly with the EPA and NOAA on tackling environmental issues here in the Marianas and DLNR and its collaboration with USDA and U.S. Fish and Wildlife in coordinating the management of our fisheries and natural resources. Our men and women in the military reserves are affected. Many of our agencies and offices that rely on quarterly allotments will not be able to process federal drawdowns for essential public services in a timely manner. It is my hope that the shutdown is resolved soon on all sides and does not persist longer than it should in the best interests of all our affected federal employees here in the Marianas.”

Source: Marianas Variety :

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