Governor wants CUC to move forward with acquisition of 2 new engines

BY the end of summer, Gov. Ralph D.L.G. Torres said the procurement for the Commonwealth Utilities Corp.’s power plant engines 4 and 8 should be in the final stage.

The procurement process, however, must also be “in order,” he added. “We do not want it rushed, and for every step along the way we want the [attorney general] to be part of the process to make it right.”

In 2016, Torres said the CNMI government allocated $13 million so  CUC could get a new generator for its power plant.

“I am glad that we are moving forward again, taking a step forward  and seeing progress,” he added.

He believes that many vendors will participate in the request for proposals for the new power plant engines.

With the acquisition of new generators, CUC’s power production will be more efficient, the governor said.

As for the CNMI government’s utility bills, he said these are decreasing “because we are paying and complying with our settlement agreement” with CUC.

 CUC Executive Director Gary Camacho said they expect to produce an additional 19 megawatts of power once the two new engines are online.

It was earlier decide to replace engine 8, but Camacho said replacing engine 4 was also recommended.

He said the new power engines will boost their production and meet the demand on Saipan, adding that CUC aims to have  reliable power service, especially now that the economy is improving.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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