Governor to meet with United Airlines executives

GOVERNOR Ralph D.L.G. Torres said he will meet with United Airlines executives on Friday to discuss its new Saipan-Guam flight service and other possible options regarding the flight service for Rota.

He said United Airlines has decided to pull out of Rota partly because of Cape Air’s contract expiration on April 30.

United Airlines partnered with Cape Air to provide flights to and from Rota.

“I actually got a call from Sam (Shinohara, managing director of United Airlines Asia Region) prior to the announcement regarding the end of Cape Air’s contract on April 30 and the new jet  coming in for United Airlines starting May 1. Unfortunately, at this point, they are only able to service one [Guam-Saipan] flight  a day which is in the morning, but if it’s a reliable one  then I am happy to have that flight service even if it’s just once a day because all of us can rely on the schedule.”

Torres said for now, “we will have to rely on Star Marianas for the Rota flight service, but we will sit down with United Airlines and Star Marianas to discuss our options.”

Cabinet meeting on Rota

Asked about the cabinet meeting held on Rota, Friday, Torres said they’ve been holding at least one cabinet meeting a year on Rota for the past three years.

“After the cabinet meeting on Friday, we helped clean up some of the villages there. Last year, we cleaned up the Round House and the vicinity around the church. We are planning to meet on Tinian also. We are just waiting for the mayor to set up the schedule. The cabinet meetings on Rota and Tinian allow the administration to discuss issues and concerns with the resident directors on those islands. On Friday, we discussed various issues on Rota, including the Coconut Rhino Beetle infestation and the vehicles that some of the agencies there need.”

Torres said while on Rota, he and his cabinet members also joined  a road-waiving activity for the NMI Republican Party candidates.

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