Governor: Parenting never stops

GOVERNOR Ralph D.L.G. Torres urges parents to always take care of their children, adding that parenting never stops.

He gave this advice during the signing of the proclamation designating February as Parent Leadership Month on Tuesday morning in his conference room.

Torres said parents should spend more time with their children no matter how busy they may be.

He shared his own experience as the father of six young children, and added that his 67-year-old mom still “lectures” him.

“A parent never stops being a parent. Never let go of your kids no matter how old they are. We have different ways of raising our children and sometimes we think when we become parents that we are better than our own parents. We always think that we are raising our children to the best of our ability, but we should not forget the sacrifices of our parents in raising us. My parents taught me a lot of things but I did not realize the importance of their teachings until I myself became a parent to my own children. I have six children, and I have to approach them differently because each…has a different personality and different character, different mental advancements and physical advancements. We need to make an extra effort as parents because the world is changing. We have technology now so it’s a concern to see our children focusing so much on their cellphones. As parents, we need to reach out to our kids.”

He added, “Appreciate also your parents while they are still here and thank them for their sacrifices and hard work in raising us and for molding us to become better persons.”

Rep. Angel Demapan said parents are the child’s first teachers.

“The moment you accept being a parent is also the first day of initiation into being a leader and promoting leadership. This proclamation reminds us that current leadership goes beyond our homes and although we do our parenting inside the walls of our homes, when we bring our leadership skills outside our homes, we can provide a safer community and a safer commonwealth for our children and everybody. Today’s proclamation is important, and I encourage all parents to take it to heart and reexamine the meaningfulness of today’s proclamation and how we can better ourselves and build a better community outside of our homes and a better commonwealth for everybody.”

Lt. Gov. Victor Hocog’s chief of staff, John Gonzales, also shared some parenting tips: always make time for your children; know who and what matters to them; and always prioritize your children no matter how busy you are.

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