Governor approves funding for Tinian casino commission

GOVERNOR Ralph D.L.G. Torres signed into law a measure to fund the personnel and operations of the Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission.

Introduced by Rep. Edwin Aldan, Tinian Local Bill 20-2 is now Tinian Local Ordinance 20-2.

It states that partial appropriation for the operations of the mayor’s office, the Tinian gaming commission and the municipal treasury was realized through Tinian Local Bill 20-1 which became Tinian Local Ordinance 1.

Tinian Local Ordinance 20-1 provides that in the event the municipal treasurer determines that the estimated local revenue collected will be increased by $100,000 or more, the municipal treasurer shall transmit within 15 days a special budget message to the Tinian mayor’s office, the chairman of the delegation and the chairman of the municipal council proposing to increase the reserve for the fiscal year or provide additional budget authority for the fiscal year.

The mayor, in a letter to the legislative delegation, has identified additional revenue of $500,000 in casino license fee payments for fiscal year 2018.

The delegation is appropriating the amount to fund programs and activities of the municipal government of Tinian, including all activities of the casino gaming control commission, Office of the Mayor and the Office of the Tinian Municipal Treasurer for personnel and operations.

Variety learned that the casino license fee was paid by the Tinian Entertainment Company which wants to open a casino on the island.

Tinian’s previous casino, the Dynasty, shut down in 2016.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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