Gone too soon

FOUR years ago, Allan James Boyer Dela Cruz returned to Saipan after earning his degree in business administration at California State University. His plan was to help his family and contribute what he could to the betterment of the CNMI.

He soon found a job at the Commonwealth Casino Commission as an investigative analyst and enjoyed the challenges of this newfound career.

He also found time to help those in need, serving as a volunteer for various nonprofit groups. In 2011, when he was visiting the island, he was among those who helped during the massive islandwide search for the missing Luhk sisters.

As the only son of Enrique and Bernie Dela Cruz, Allan made it a point to help his parents when he could and was the reason he was house-sitting their home in Capital Hill near Mount Tapochau when they traveled to the U.S. for work and vacation.

After days of not answering phone calls or messages, Allan, 37 years old, was found lying outside his parents’ home on Friday.

The Department of Public Safety reported that witnesses discovered his body on Friday afternoon, laying on the ground, already in the late stages of decomposition. The cause of his death is under investigation.

“We are shocked and saddened by the loss of our beloved Allan and kindly ask for privacy as investigation continues. Allan was a wonderful person and he will be missed greatly,” his family said in a statement.

His family also urges anyone with any pertinent information to help with the investigation by calling DPS at 911 or at 664-9001.

Lt. Jason Tarkong, DPS public information officer, said the victim’s body was brought to the Commonwealth Health Center’s morgue for “investigative and preservative purposes.”

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