Gas prices up 20 cents

MOBIL Oil Marianas on Monday raised its gas prices by 20 cents.

From $4.23 a gallon, the regular gas price went up to $4.43 a gallon; supreme is up from $4.60 a gallon to $4.80 a gallon; and diesel, which cost $4.61, is now $4.81 a gallon.

Attendants said they changed the price signs at 10 a.m., Monday. Shell Marianas had not raised its prices as of 5 p.m., but was expected to follow suit.

Some motorists were unaware of the price change when they arrived at gas stations to fill their tanks.

Ben Sablan said he uses his car every day, and he resides on Capital Hill. “So I drive up and down the hill and buy an average of $10 worth of gas every two days. But the last time I gassed up my truck, I spent $79,” he said.

Eugene Borja said he travels every day and transports his children to and from school, baseball games and other places.

Every day, he buys $10 to $12 worth of gas so “it hurts me when prices go up — it hurts everybody.”

Source: Marianas Variety :

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