Gas prices up 15 cents, again

MOBIL Oil Marianas and Shell Marianas raised the price of gas by 15 cents a gallon on Friday.

Shell raised its prices in the early hours of the day while Mobil followed suit at 11:30 a.m.

From $4.08 a gallon, Mobil’s regular gas price climbed to $4.23. The premium gas price went from $ 4.45 to $4.60 a gallon and diesel from $4.31 to $4.46 a gallon.

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Shell offers only premium gasoline and diesel.  

This is the second time this year that gas prices have gone up. The last time was on Jan. 8, 2018 when they increased by 15 cents.

Like everyone else, fishermen are affected by gas price hikes, said Bob Reyes. He said he fills his boat’s tank with six gallons of gasoline for two trips to the lagoon.

The “good thing,” he said, is that he catches fish for family consumption and not for business.

Those involved in commercial enterprises, according to Charlie Sendin, can either “absorb” the higher prices or pass them to their clients by way of a price increase. But no one wants to pay more for commodities, he added.

Kay Reyes, who works in the private sector, said the gasoline price hike is unfortunate for her and others whose cars “eat up a lot of gas.” She said she also picks up her father from work so the cost of gas she consumes every week amounts to about $50.

Rep. Lorenzo I. Deleon Guerrero, a member of the House Committee on Transportation, said: “I believe our fuel comes from Singapore and there are certain elements that influence pricing such as the cost of production and transportation.”

But he said there are also three types of fuel prices — the market-determined retailer fuel price; the price ceiling; and the fixed price. “Of these three, state governments have an influence in the price ceiling and fixed pricing,” he said.

“Now what we need is to determine which of the two our government can influence. I will ask our colleagues in the Legislature and will also file a citizen’s complaint with the Attorney General’s Office about the sudden upward movement of fuel prices.”

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