Garapan school recognizes students for good behavior

GARAPAN Elementary School promotes good behavior among its students by recognizing those who excel in “mega skills.”

GES vice principal Derwin Johnson said every month, 29 students, or one from each class, are commended for displaying good values.

“We based our criteria on our mega skills and ESLR [Expected Schoolwide Learning Result],” Johnson said.

Different behavior skills are highlighted every month and students who exhibit those behaviors are recognized.

“For example, ‘responsibility’ is the mega skill for August. If students are able to show that they are responsible and able to help their peers, then they will be recognized,” Johnson said.

“We need to recognize our kids for their efforts to become role models and responsible people,” he added. “It doesn’t have to be academics alone. It is also their behavior — how they treat their peers.”

Johnson said the school has been implementing the program for years to teach their students life skills.

Those who are selected receive awards. “We give story books to them, to read and improve their literacy ability,” Johnson said. “We also give them school supplies as our way of showing them that we are thankful for their efforts and we care for the way they perform in school as a whole, not just in academics, but how they treat other people and their teachers.”

For September, GES will recognize students who have displayed “effort” and willingness to be “lifelong learners.”

The following awardees will be recognized on Monday during the flag ceremony:

Kindergarten — Andrew Yang, Christaleine Xyryl Bernardo, Dray Duenas, Juliana Attao.

1st Grade — Hanna Baltazar, Elissa Calayag, Trixie Cosino, Rhodalyn Zandueta, Angel Yang.

2nd Grade — Champ Kapileo, Hannah Cabrera, Amaya Joy Ogumoro-Uludong, Walter Josh Clave, Jordan Deleon Guerrero.

3rd Grade — Shane Manicad, Jaime Jean Agbuya, Cody Gamboa, Janika Omar, Chelsea Sonoda.

4th Grade — Janeeya Samson, Vicente Agualo, Ronely Doria, Jayvee Caluya, Rhoana Macalinao.

5th Grade — Abigael Robles, Kassandra Oropesa, Yu Xin “Lucy” Chen, Riana Vicente, Angelie Tobias.

In October, GES will recognize students who are good in “teamwork” and are dynamic and effective team players.

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