Former Rota Mayor Inos is the Democratic gubernatorial candidate


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The CNMI’s first governor, Dr. Carlos S. Camacho, left, with wife Winnie, former Rota Mayor Joseph S. Inos, right, and wife Lucy at the NMI Democratic Party media conference at Grandvrio Resort’s Tropicana Restaurant, Friday evening.

THE local Democratic Party on Friday evening announced that former Rota Mayor Joseph S. Inos wil be its gubernatorial candidate in the Nov. 2018 elections.
Inos, 70, is a former Republican senator and Senate president. In 1993, he was elected Rota mayor as a Democrat but was unsuccessful in his re-election bid four years later. In 2005, he narrowly won the Rota mayoral election as a Covenant Party candidate.
Inos is the brother of the late Gov. Eloy S. Inos whose running mate in the 2014 elections is the incumbent governor, Ralph D.L.G. Torres, the official candidate of the local Republican Party.
The Democratic Party central committee held a media conference Friday evening at Grandvrio Resort’s Tropicana Restaurant to announce former Mayor Inos’s candidacy.
He said he is ready to embrace the vision of the local Democratic Party which adopted a resolution stating that the current administration of Governor Torres and Lt. Gov. Victor B. Hocog “has amorally and selfishly exploited the solution-driven plan of the late Gov. Eloy Inos by their callous disregard of citizens’ right to clean government.”
The resolution added that of all the Republican governors who served the people of the NMI, “the late Gov. Eloy S. Inos embodied most of the principles of the Democratic Party and in order to carry on the legacy of the late governor, the party has selected his own brother to be his rightful heir as the party’s candidate for the 2018 elections.”
Democratic Party chairman Danny Quitugua said all the members of the central committee agreed that former Mayor Inos is the right candidate to carry the party’s vision for the commonwealth which, Quitugua added, is “not owned by the Republican Party but by the people of the NMI.”
Quitugua said their party’s central committe has 24 members: 20 from Saipan and two each for Rota and Tinian. He said they started rebuilding the party and establishing a nominating process in March 2017. Several individuals were considered and approached by the committee and among them was former Mayor Inos.
Quitugua said the former mayor meets their criteria which include experience and the ability to communicate with the community.
The party resolution stated that the list of the former mayor’s potential running-mate includes former Rep. Tina Sablan, Rep. Edwin Propst, former Education Commissioner Rita Sablan “and any other candidate recommended by the party central committee.”
Quitugua said they are “still in the consultation process” with these individuals.
The last time the NMI Democratic Party won a gubernatorial election was in 1993.

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