Former mayor endorses Camacho

By Junhan B. Todiño [email protected] Variety News Staff FORMER Mayor Marian DLG Tudela on Monday announced she would not pursue her plan to run for mayor this November election instead she will support the candidacy of Ramon “RB” Camacho, a former Saipan and Northern Islands Municipal Council chairman.

“My reason for me to step down because I want to keep on enjoying my young life and peace of mind,” Tudela said, in a press briefing at a restaurant in Chalan Kanoa.
She said her supporters were already informed about her decision and “they are very supportive because I made a good decision.”
Tudela said she had completed the requirement of nominating petition and was ready to pay the $250 filing fee as candidate for mayor.
She reconsidered her decision, however, because “I’m not getting any younger and I don’t want any further stress in my life.”
In her prepared statement, Tudela said, “Working at the office of the mayor is not an easy job.”
“Now that I’m not running for mayor, can I ask my families and friends who are supporting me to please, let’s us all support and vote for RB Camacho this coming election year November 6, 2018.”
“I know that he [Camacho] wants to serve and do a lot for the community, and I have the confidence and trust that he can help the people of Saipan.”
For several months from June 2014 to January 2015, Tudela served as mayor following the passing away of the late Mayor Donald Flores.
Camacho, for his part, said he appreciates the confidence of Tudela in him.
“She called me a hardworking person and I am very thankful for her confidence in me,” he said.
Camacho said he would also “humbly” seek the support of Tudela’s supporters to unite for his candidacy.
Although he is running as Independent candidate, Camacho said he has been getting support from bipartisan groups.

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