Flower Island project to highlight NMI’s brand as tropical paradise

THE airport is the gateway into the island and the showcase for its brand, hence the importance of creating an ambience that will bring a good first impression, a landscape architect said. 

“The airport, as a gateway, is so important because all tourists and visitors have to go through it,” said Jun-Ichi Inada, WIN Landscape Planning and Design.

 He is the landscape architect for the Marianas Flower Island Project.flower

During a recent gathering of tourism stakeholders at Kensington Hotel, Inada showed presented a model of an indoor green wall for the airport lounge and arrival area.

Inada also showed a model of a flower landscape with latte stones from the entrance through the parking area.

“Making a good environment at the airport is a way of welcoming visitors to make them comfortable,” Inada said.

At each airport of the three main islands, he recommended planting different kinds of trees and flowers. He said bougainvillea, Petrea volubilis, hibiscus, Erythrina crista-galli, Cratoxylum formosum, Euphorbia pulcherrima, and plumeria are appropriate to the CNMI environment and are easy to maintain.

“We want to establish a green network from the mountain to the sea,” he said.

Inada said the Flower Island project does not require major changes to the existing structures of the islands, particularly the airports.

For Banzai Cliff, Inada recommended a garden that will surround the memorial monuments. 

MVA Managing Director Chris Concepcion said  the CNMI’s key tourism stakeholders and the mayors of the three main islands  support the Flower Island project.

The CNMI needs to “revitalize” its image and rebranding it as the “Flower Islands” will highlight its reputation as a tropical paradise, Concepcion said.

Inada said the project “will enhance the beauty of the islands by incorporating trees and colorful flowers into the landscape.”

He added that the project will also provide new business opportunities.

Eventually, Inada said the project will lead to the development of a central flower park, a cultural garden and a flower garden festival.

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