First dog parade promotes love for animals

THE DFS-T. Galleria-sponsored Marianas Barkus Dog Parade, oa feature of Saturday’s Lunar New Year Party attracted the participation of more than 50 dogs, event coordinator Jamika Taijeron said.

There were 30 dogs who registered earlier and 22 others that registered on the day of the parade, she said.

The organizers were able to raise $280 from registration and donations, Taijeron said, adding that DFS will match those funds and donate them to the mayor’s dog-control program.

“The pet owners and their families had a great time. They were happy that DFS sponsored such a fun and meaningful event, which gave proud dog owners a chance to showcase and celebrate their dogs,” she said.

“The dogs had fun too getting to play with other dogs and enjoy the parade walk,” she added.

Taijeron said they have received lots of requests to hold the same event every year.

“We are considering the possibility,” she said.

There were several rescue dogs that participated in the parade and their owners were proud to show them off happy and healthy, she said.

The parade started at the Carolinian Affairs Office area and moved on to the Garapan Fishing Base where the Lunar New Year Party was held.

At the activity ground, the mayor’s dog-control program led by Spencer Marchadesh brought some dogs for adoption.

Of six dogs, two were taken for adoption, Marchadesh said.

Mayor David M. Apatang expressed his appreciation for the support of DFS – T. Galleria and the Lunar New Year organizers for helping the dog-control program.

Lunar New Year party organizing committee chairman Charles Cepeda said aside a portion of the proceeds of the Festival will also be donated to the Saipan Senior Advisory Council under the Office on Aging and the Mercedarian Sisters of Berriz at Maturana.

He said since this year is the Year of the Dog in Asian culture, they hosted a dog costume parade at the opening of the festivities.

The dog costume parade celebrated and highlighted man’s best friend, and raised funds that will directly benefit the Saipan animal-shelter program, he said.

“We were pleased to feature “Sparky the Dog” as the mascot and one of the honored guests who led the parade and made the event a very special one,” Cepeda said.

Taijeron said the dog parade was “very fitting,” this year being the Year of the Dog.

She said that Saipan has a large community of dog lovers, but the CNMI does not currently have an anti-cruelty law to protect animals “so it’s important to get the community involved in caring for our animals.”

The parade itself was a great way to have fun with families and and their pets, and helped raise funds for the animal-shelter program, she said.

She thanked the parade participants including the mayor and his staff, and the Department of Public Safety for ensuring the safety of the participants

Taijeron thanked Mark Toves and his team from the Commonwealth Ports Authority for bringing the K9 dogs for the public to meet and also thanked the organizers of the Lunar New Year Party in the Marianas.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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