Fire-lane regulations to be implemented soon

THE Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services will soon be implementing fire-lane regulations, according to DFEMS Commissioner Clyde Norita.

He said the regulations will “come out” on Jan. 26, 2018, adding that the Attorney General’s Office had concerns with the sample citation.

“We missed the original Dec. 26 publication date,” Norita said, adding that a public announcement will precede the implementation of the regulations.

According to Norita, his department’s main concern is emergency access and egress for fire vehicles especially fire trucks.

“On our streets in Garapan, for example, there is no way a fire truck can enter them in an emergency when everyone parks where they want to,” he added.

Right now, he said, motorists can still park in designated fire lanes and not get a ticket.

“The reason why we have painted fire lanes is that we wanted members of the community to be educated and to know that there are fire lanes out there,” Norita said.

“Thirty days after the regulations are published they will go into effect and you will get a ticket if you park in a parking lane.

“We will also meet with businesses in the area and discuss the fire-lane regulations with them: where the designated fire lanes are, the procedure if vehicles are to be towed, and how to recover those vehicles,” Norita added.

A press conference will likewise be held regarding the implementation of the regulations, he said.

Gov. Ralph Torres signed legislation designating fire lanes in the commonwealth in Sept. 2016.

The measure, Senate Bill 19-107, was introduced by Senate Vice President Arnold Palacios, and became Public Law 19-69.

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