Finance looks into unsigned scholarship funding request

A LETTER, supposedly from the CNMI Scholarship Office, is asking for the release of $144,965.45 in CW fees to the Northern Marianas Trade Institute for its personnel and operation costs.

The letter, dated Feb. 28, 2018, was sent to Secretary of Finance Larrisa Larson. The name of Scholarship Office Administrator Rose Pangelinan appears on the letter, but she didn’t sign it.Larrisa LarsonLarrisa Larson

Larson said her department is not “processing” the request.

“I didn’t see a signature and the letterhead looked different so I called the administrator and [learned that] she did not submit it to me. So I’m holding off on that request and compiling a report to try to resolve this issue,” Larson said.

“It was submitted to my office. Whenever I doubt the authenticity of a request, I confirm first with the agency requesting.  In this instance, the administrator informed me that the letter didn’t come from her office.”

Larson said she “would like truth to come out — we have always helped NMTI but this [letter] is a serious matter of concern.”

Public Law 20-41 states that $1.9 million in CW funds will be administered by the CNMI Scholarship Office in collaboration with  Northern Marianas College and NMTI, “provided that the NMTI shall be allocated not less than $1 million of the total CW funds.”

CW funds are restricted solely for the purpose of ongoing vocational educational curricula and program development for commonwealth educational entities.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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