Eugene Borja arrested in theft case

POLICE have arrested a 37-year-old man for burglarizing a Talofofo ranch and stealing several items on Sunday.

Eugene Castro Borja was charged with burglary, theft, and criminal mischief. He appeared at a bail hearing on Tuesday in the courtroom of Judge Joseph N. Camacho who imposed a $15,000 cash bail on the defendant.

The court appointed Assistant Public Defender Nancy Dominski to represent Borja while Assistant Attorney General Frances Demapan appeared for the government.

After the hearing, Borja was remanded to the custody Department of Corrections and was ordered to return to court on Jan. 25, 2018 for a preliminary hearing and on Jan. 29, 2018 for arraignment.

A Talofofo farm owner reported that on Sunday morning, he discovered the front gate of his ranch opened and the damaged padlock on the ground. He checked the storage rooms and found that several items were missing.

The victim then reviewed surveillance-camera footage and saw his nephew, Borja, at the scene with a chainsaw. Video footage also showed a silver Rav 4 that Borja drove.

The victim said he then met with Borja’s wife and told her to tell the husband to call him.

At 2 p.m. on Sunday, Borja called the ranch owner and admitted that he and an accomplice burglarized his ranch and stole his belongings.

The victim recorded the conversation on his phone and played the recording to the police.

Borja later called the ranch owner and asked that they meet at Mt. Tapochau.

At 5:10 p.m., Sunday, detectives and police officers arrived at Mt. Tapochau and met with Borja who drove a red Toyota pick-up, with the stolen items in the truck.

Borja identified himself to the police and stated that “I’m just returning what I took.” After waiving his rights, he gave a statement to the police and confessed going to the Talofofo ranch around midnight and taking such items as a generator, a chainsaw, machetes, and construction tools.

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