EB-2 petitions approved for 2 CHCC nurses

(CHCC) — In September 2017, Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation submitted its first batch of petitions to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for nine nurses to obtain employment-based (2nd preference) or EB-2 visa classification.

As of Saturday, March 24, 2018, the human resource department had received notifications that two out of the nine petitions had been approved for Josephine Orcia and Marian Santos. Orcia and Santos have their bachelor’s in nursing and are registered nurses with over 20 years of experience in array of nursing fields.

USCIS grants EB-2 visas to individuals who have exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business through advanced degrees or experience and can meet three or more of the listed criteria set by USCIS. Orcia first moved to Saipan in 1992 and worked as a nurse in the Women’s Clinic before moving to Saudi Arabia and Libya where she worked in rotations through the different wards.

Josephine OrciaJosephine Orcia

Orcia returned to Saipan in 2001 and has served as an Emergency Room RN since then. Prior to moving to Saipan, Santos worked two years as a civilian nurse for the Philippine Air Force General Hospital and then relocated to Saudi Arabia where she spent 15 years as a nurse.

Santos moved to Saipan in 2002 and has dedicated 16 years in the CHCC’s pediatrics unit. Santos is also cross-trained as a psychiatric nurse and works in both wards as needed.

Marian SantosMarian Santos

The job security of the nurses and other healthcare workers’ ability to work at CHCC is top priority and CHCC is working to transition all of its healthcare workers from CW to EB-2 or EB-3 visa classifications.

Additionally, the nurses received a salary increase in October 2017 to offer more competitive pay and encourage local nurses to seek employment at the hospital after graduation. CHCC also wants to assure local residents pursuing or considering pursuing a degree in nursing that CHCC will keep the pipeline of graduate nurses from Northern Marianas College open, even with the transition to EB-2 or EB-3.

Unlike EB-2 or EB-3 visas, H1-B visas for nurses would require all nurses hired at CHCC to have a bachelor’s degree, at minimum. Presently, CHCC has eight H1-B visa holders that include specialty professions such as a pharmacist, pharmacy manager, epidemiologist, two physical therapists, physical therapy manager, infection control manager, and utilization review coordinator.

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