DPW vows to address flooding in Garapan tourist district

DEPARTMENT of Public Works Secretary James Ada is pleading for public patience, saying DPW is now working to improve the drainage system in the Garapan tourist district.

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Ada on Thursday said there was a plan in place to “realign” the roads for smoother traffic and to clear up the roadside drains and prevent flooding when it rains.

In a telephone interview, Ada said DPW will reroute the traffic from Hotel Street to pave the way for the rehabilitation project in the tourist district.

He said with the help of the governor’s office, DPW will hire the services of professionals from the U.S. and solicit bids for the project.

Ada also thanked Imperial Pacific Resort for its assistance in improving Hotel Street.

Some portions of the streets in the area, especially Beach Road from Bubba Gump Shrimp to Grandvrio Resort Sapan, were flooded following a downpour on Thursday morning.

Some pedestrians, who were mostly tourists, ended up either walking on the middle of the road or leaping over the curb to avoid getting their feet wet.

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