DPW looks into water leak at gaming facility

THE Department of Public Works will send an inspector to the Imperial Pacific Resort in Garapan to check on the rain water leak in the casino lounge.

Asked for comment, IPI said the leak was an “unfortunate incident…inadvertently caused by an access hatch left open by a construction employee during lunch time.”

This resulted in “rainwater runoff to seep through the opening and onto the casino floor near the casino lounge…after a heavy rainfall,” IPI said, vowing to make sure “that such a mishap will not recur in the future.”

The access hatch has been sealed and there is no more leak, IPI said.

DPW building safety official Casiano M. Bostre said they will talk with the casino management about the water leak in the facility.

“Our engineers will tell the construction manager and the engineer on record to address the problem,” he added.

Bostre said the casino has engineers who regularly check the integrity of the building.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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