DPS rescues distressed boat

MIMSY, the boat of Rimas Meleshyus who was attempting to sail around the world, was towed into Saipan port by the Department of Public Safety-Boating Safety Unit on early Tuesday morning.

The boat was in distress — its mast was broken — when it was rescued by DPS at 2 a.m. on Tuesday.

On her Facebook page, KSPN2 news anchor and reporter Sherri Riggs stated that Meleshyus was in good health and wants his friends and followers to know that he was all right.

He left Oak Harbor in the summer of 2013 to sail around the world solo.

According to, Meleshyus left Hilo, Hawaii in late May and was last heard from on July 31 near Fiji. He mentioned that his tiller was damaged.

“It was a long voyage; it was difficult this time,” Meleshyus told Riggs on Tuesday.

He said the waves were strong and the current pushed his boat to Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

“I thought I would not make it to the equator. It was too hot,” he added.

After reaching the equator, he said a storm damaged his boat before it could reach the Fiji islands.

The 65-year-old Meleshyus, who is originally from Russia, said once he gets his passport and repairs his boat, he plans to sail to Japan, then to Alaska, Australia and the Indian Ocean.

He said if he is still in good health, he wants to sail to every port in the world.

In May 2016, Hawaii News Now reported that Meleshyus’s boat was rescued off the Big Island. The sailor had run out of food, the report added.

“Should he have been sailing at all, especially since this isn’t the first time he’s needed help on the open seas?” Hawaii News Now asked.

“In March 2016, he needed help while sailing off San Francisco.

“In 2014, a major search was launched for him when he went missing in the Pacific. Later that year, he had to be towed into harbor in Pago Pago.

“And in 2012, he wrecked off the Aleutian Islands.

“Some in the sailing community say he doesn’t know how to sail at all — that he simply drifts with the wind and currents.

“When asked about that, Meleshyus was undaunted by the criticism. ‘I no worry about it. Coast Guard always been good to me. Need to be positive, need to be good, good, good attitude.’ ”

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