DPS: Police vehicle in collision was responding to 911 call

THE police vehicle that was involved in a collision with a 2016 Toyota Corolla on Monday afternoon  was responding to an emergency 911 call, according to Jackie Rae, Department of Public Safety public information officer on Tuesday.

 She said the police vehicle was approaching the Chalan Pale’ Arnold/ Sadog Tasi intersection with lights and sirens on.

She said  as the police vehicle entered the center median in an effort to pass the other cars, a Toyota Corolla made a U-turn and struck the police vehicle.

 The driver of the Corolla said he neither saw the police vehicle nor heard the sirens.

 He was cited for making an illegal turn, and for not yielding to an emergency vehicle,  Rae said.

The collision damaged both vehicles.

 The driver of the Corolla, his passenger, as well as the two officers in the police vehicle were transported to Commonwealth Health Center for medical evaluation, Rae said, adding that they were all treated and released.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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