DPS officers escort fugitive to Illinois

ASSISTANT Attorney General Jonathan Wilberscheid told the trial court on Thursday afternoon that Sean P. McDonnell had been escorted by three Department of Public Safety officers to Illinois where he is wanted for multiple charges of sexual assault and predatory criminal sexual assault of child.

Wilberscheid said the DPS officers and McDonnell left the island on Wednesday night.

Sean P. McDonnell

Superior Court Judge Joseph N. Camacho issued a show-cause order on Dec. 22 directing the prosecutor to explain how long an individual may be detained in the commonwealth pending extradition.

The order was issued after McDonnell’s counsel, Assistant Public Defender Nancy Dominski, filed a petition for writ of habeas corpus on Dec. 22. At that time, the defendant was still in the custody of the Department of Corrections awaiting extradition.

In his show-cause order, the judge also required Corrections Commissioner Vincent Attao to be present at the hearing and to explain why the writ should not be granted.

In her petition, Dominski said there had been no good cause shown as to the continued detention of McDonnell, adding that the court should order his release.

She said the legal justification for the continued custody of McDonell had expired.

The judge noted that the Office of the Attorney General represented to the court that an agent from Illinois would bring the defendant back to the state on Dec. 20.

At Thursday’s show-cause hearing, Wilberscheid said the CNMI and and Rock Island County Sheriff’s Office in Illinois agreed that DPS officers would escort the defendant to Illinois as soon as possible.

For her part, Dominski said her petition was moot now that the defendant had left the CNMI.

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