DPS incurs $2M deficit because of OT

THE Department of Public Safety has incurred a deficit of about $2 million in the past two fiscal years due to overtime costs. To address this issue, the administration said it will hire more police personnel.

Press Secretary Kevin Bautista in an interview said for the next fiscal year, DPS will have 20 new officers.

Currently, he added, Saipan has 152 police personnel; Tinian, 20; and Rota, 32.

“The administration has made it a priority to increase the police force so that our officers won’t be subjected to multiple shifts,” Bautista said. “This will also reduce the need for overtime pay caused by a lack of officers at a given shift. This will also ultimately allow us to reduce the deficit and increase efficiency. Our officers have a great responsibility to ensure the public’s safety, and we as a community should support them.”

The goal is to “place more officers on the street without placing burdens on officers who are already working long hours. DPS has also implemented in-house measures over the last several months to reduce the cost of personnel expense and overtime costs.”

Bautista said “the issues with staffing resulted in officers having to work multiple shifts in order to meet the increased demand for enforcement duties to ensure the protection and safety of the community.”

DPS’s budget for fiscal year 2018 is $6.4 million, showing an increase from $6 million in 2017.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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