DPL to limit tourist visits to Managaha

THE Department of Public Lands is planning to implement a new regulation which would limit the number of tourists visiting the Managaha every day.

DPL Secretary Marianne Teregeyo said the plan has yet to be published in the Commonwealth Register.

“We haven’t done it yet, but we will be publishing it in less than two months. After publication in the Commonwealth Register then people will have 30 days to comment on it. The proposal is still in draft form,” she said.

Teregeyo said the draft regulation would be to limit tourist visits to Managaha to only 1,000 a day.

“The existing infrastructure can only handle up to a 1000 people a day. We have been accommodating an average of 1,400 tourist daily over the past six months. DPL is concerned with the environmental impact of 1,400 tourist a day- and there is no limit to number of locals visiting Managaha. So there could easily be around 1,600 people total on a weekend,” she said.

“The existing infrastructure- reverse osmosis/sewer station is only designed to carry about a thousand people at maximum capacity, and we have been exceeding that number,” she added.

According to the draft regulation, the number of tourists visiting Managaha in July totaled 45,510 while in August it was 47,419, 39,050 in September, 36,542 in October and 33,956 and 39,619 in November and December respectively.

In an interview Representative Ivan Blanco, the acting chairman of the House Committee on Commerce and Tourism said the idea of limiting the number of visitors to Managaha is a great thing but it should be extended to other destinations which are also overcrowded like the Grotto and the Bird Island.

“I understand that DPL wants to limit the number of visitors to Managaha. I think that’s a great thing as we are now realizing an increase in the number of visitors. Managaha is a pristine island and DPL, being the administrator of the island, knows best how many visitors can be accommodated in a day, so I look forward to that new regulation. But it should be extended also to other overcrowded destinations like the Grotto and Bird Island as those areas poses safety hazard. Visitors going to those sites should be limited also,” Blanco said.

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