DPL to inform companies about towing regulations

AFTER learning that a lot of towing was taking place on public land, the Department of Public Lands said it is sending letters to towing companies explaining towing regulations.

Marianne Teregeyo

DPL Secretary Marianne Concepcion Teregeyo has already informed one towing company that public lands not under lease remain non-exclusive and open to the public.

She said this regulation also applies to businesses that have obtained parking Temporary Occupancy Agreements or TOA’s from DPL.

A TOA remains non-exclusive and the public can use the parking area with or without patronizing the establishment, she added.

Even if the driver of the vehicle is not a customer of that establishment, she or he can still park in the parking area of that establishment, DPL said.

It added that towing companies can only tow vehicles if they are authorized to do so by DPL, the Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services, the Department of Public Safety or if the company is a lessee of a public land.

“Towing companies have no authority to tow vehicles on public land except those parked in fire lanes,” DPL said.

In in some cases where parking may take place in a right of way or on other tracts of public land, DPL said the Department of Public Safety has the responsibility and the authority to tow and impound vehicles if the vehicle in question is left unattended for more than 72 hours; if it is blocking a private driveway; if it is believed to have been stolen; or if it is suspected of other violations of DPS regulation.

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