DPL accepting proposals for Managaha concession

THE Department of Public Lands said it is accepting proposals from qualified firms for the Managaha concession lease until May 26, 2018.

Tasi Tours is the exclusive master concessionaire for Managaha, but its contract expired in Aug. 2016, and since then, it has been paying a monthly holdover fee to DPL.

DPL Secretary Marianne Teregeyo, in an interview, said Tasi Tours can submit a proposal.

“At the end of the [request for proposals or RFP period] we will determine who will be the next concessionaire. It is open to any and all responsive firms,” Teregeyo said.

Variety tried but failed to get a comment from Tasi Tours.

In an earlier statement, Tasi Tours said that it has paid over $10 million in concession fees for over 25 years.

In other news

As for the Kan Pacific/Mariana Resort & Spa property, Concepcion said there is still no “existing signed lease” with Imperial Pacific International.

Kan Pacific/Mariana Resort’s 40-year lease will expire on April 30, 2018.

In Dec. 2015, the hotel entered into an agreement with Imperial Pacific International which then assumed the remaining two years of the lease agreement.

When DPL issued an RFP for the Mariana Resort property, IPI was the only one to submit a proposal.

 “The Legislature approves or disapproves leases over 5,000 square meters not DPL,” Concepcion said. “For now, there is no lease. DPL and IPI are working on details before DPL can submit a lease package for the Legislature’s consideration.”

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